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Hey guys, just finished promoting some more and I made some more banners and stamps and such. I think our application is a little short and plain, anybody have any ideas or things they want put in the app. that isn't there? Comment and let me know and I'll add it. Keep it up with the promoting. <3

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hey can we get the set up fixed please?? it really bothers me! not to be rude to whoever made this community but can we fix the page? like widen the collum? well thanks if u do!!


Name: Audrina
Age: 14
Where is your seat: Eugene Oregon

Interests: Music, singing, writing, And just being with my freinds
Bands: Brand New, The Early November, Finch, and Blink 182
Movies: The Nightmare before christmas, The exorcist, and Napolen Dynamite
Quotes: "If you kick a dog I'll kick you"
Food: Fish, Grilled cheese, and lucky charms
Hobbies: Fishing, and writing
Color: Green
Phobias: Heights (but I guess every one is scared of them)

Opinions anyone:
Same sex marriage? It should be okay, the government says that Religion and Politics shouldnt mix, and they are and its VERY wrong.
This year's elections? Insane, they both have good points but Kerry is planing on doing what the U.S. really needs.
Abortion? I dont think they should take it away but I dont think its right either, if your life is in danger and your not able to have it then dont have it other wise live with your actions.
If you could change/make a law, what would it be and why?:
The War: I dont like war.

Just. For. Fun.
Find a picture that make's you laugh and tell us why it does: Inola is a crack up
The corniest joke you've ever heard: It wasnt a joke but a pick up line "YOu should stand on the right side of me," Why "Because your so RIGHT for me."
Why do you want to be in this community: Because I've been looking to be in a new community and this one popped out at me.
What is one thing you don't like about rating communities?: They can be VERY harsh, and make people feel like shit.
Anything else??: Well heres a picture of me.